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Let CatholicHōM be your daily source of support for creating a more loving, connected, caring CatholicHōM.
Catholic Household on Mission!
Members of the CatholicHōM online community have a three-fold mission:
  1. To encounter Christ more meaningfully in our homes.
  2. To experience the faith as the source of the warmth in our homes.
  3. To create more loving, connected, and caring households that witness to Christ’s love.
We’ve got the tools, resources, and support you need to create and even more faithful, loving family! We can help make it easier and more fun than ever to celebrate the Catholic vision of family life! We’re offering tons of free and premium resources!

Developed by noted Catholic marriage and family life experts, authors, and EWTN Radio hosts, Dr. Greg and Lisa Popcak, the CatholicHōM program is an exciting new partnership between and Holy Cross Family Ministries (an apostolate of the Congregation of Holy Cross priests) in association with RENEW International. The principles behind the CatholicHōM program received a unanimous commendation from the bishops serving on the USCCB Subcommittee on Ecclesial Ministry and Service. The CatholicHōM program is the first-ever comprehensive resource to help you and your family live the Catholic vision of family life to the full!

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  • Enjoy practical tips for creating a more loving, connected, and caring Catholic family
  • Discover resources to help your family encounter Christ more meaningfully at home and experience your faith as the source of the warmth in your home!
  • Take our Building Your Domestic Church Quiz to discover what’s great about your family (and how to make it even better!)
  • Explore how the Liturgy of Domestic Church Life can transform your busy family into a dynamic Domestic Church!
  • Get empowered! Tune in to the Momfidence Podcast (Hosted by Lisa Popcak & Rachael Isaac) and the BeDADitudes Podcast for Catholic Dads (Hosted by Dr. Greg Popcak).
  • Get access to fun activities, fascinating books, and other dynamic resources to help you be the family God created you to be!
  •  Lay the foundation for your CatholicHŌM with open access to the CatholicHŌM Animated Video Series. (Enjoyable for the whole family!)
  • Take your family life to the next level! Check out dozens of short HOM-Improvement Videos to get the tools you need to build your CatholicHOM. (Designed for busy parents!)
  • Never be lonely again! Enjoy drama-free fellowship and support from Catholic families just like you in our friendly, moderated discussion groups.
  • Get tons of practical, HŌM-Improvement advice from the CatholicHOM Podcast (Hosted by Dr Greg & Lisa Popcak).
  • Make family life more fun with downloadable activities and games.
  • Pull up a chair! Participate in regular CatholicHŌM Family Meetings (live Q&A’s with Dr Greg and Lisa Popcak), monthly, exclusive CatholicHŌM Community livestream events, and tons of other unique opportunities to build your CatholicHOM.
  • Make a difference! Use our resources to minister to friends and other families in your parish. Discover low-stress, super-easy ways to create local family faith-sharing groups.
  • Never feel stuck again! Get personal support anytime you need it with trained CatholicHŌM coaches!
  • Membership has its privileges! Enjoy member discounts on select CatholicHOM content!

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